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Let us take you on a journey to hidden gems of “costa del sole”, offering pristine beaches, marine caves and rocky cliffs of granite and serpentine accessible only by seakayak.
Our daily kayak tours are a relaxing and educational experience for all, a balanced mix of paddling, snorkeling, bird-whatching and exploring in Elba diverse biological environment.
We believe small groups provide a superior experience, allowing for better communication between the guide and the group. With fewer numbers you can expect personalized attention from your guide.

Our kayaks are built for navigation at sea and are very simple to use. They are extremely stable and able to accommodate even people of robust build. They do not require technical knowledge and particular physical skills. Kayaking is an activity suitable for everyone!
The rental model is equipped with a stiffening rail with water bottle holder, deck bungee, hatch cover, back band, life jacket and paddle.
A kayak trip is a real opportunity to discover the most hidden coves of the western coast of the island of Elba and to snorkel away from the overcrowding of the beaches.
From Pomonte: we organize daily excursions of about two hours to the beach of the Tombe and Giardino or to the beach of Punta Nera. Departure usually in the morning from the bridge between the two beaches of Pomonte (on request in the afternoon).
What should you bring: hat, sunglasses, sunscreen,
Snorkeling gear, lifejacket and Seakayak equipment is included if you haven't got your own.

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