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WHO we are


The project started in 2017 by the group of diving Instructors to spread their passion for the nature and sport bringing into play their skills and focusing on continuous training.

Our mission is to raise people’s awareness to an active, conscious and sustainable lifestyle with the main attention on the sea-life conservation. This is why we place great emphasis on activities with children, creating knowledge and awarness projects.

The project is driven by a sustainability perspective, with special attention to the enhancement   of eco-tourism.


We are graduate in Environmental Science and we previously worked worldwide in different conservation programe in the Annapurna Conservation Area in Nepal and in Falkands island and Mexico. We became a diving Instructors in 2011 and we worked around the world in diving industry (Malesia, Philipinnes, Indonesia, Redsea, Greece, Mexico and Italy), allowing us to become a good speaker of Italian, Spanish and English. We are trekking lovers, we enjoy many open air and outdoor sports including kayak, sailing, apnea and snorkeling.
With this outdoor company project, we accomplishes the dream of combining our passion for water sports with our scientific knowledge of the sea.


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